About us

Our Plant nursery is located in Suphan Buri province, Thailand, around 2 hours driving from Bangkok. We are specialized in Palm Trees, Ornamental Trees, and Exotic plants and we have been involved in Plant Export Business since 1998 in Thailand.

Our Team speak Thai, English and French.

oUR CUSTOMERS: Garden Center, Plant Nursery and Landscaping companies for International Big Projects.
We export plants & trees by Reefer and Open Top Container to:
* UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai), Bahrain (Manama), Qatar (Doha), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh),
* Southern Europe: France, Italy & Spain,
* China & Cambodia,
* Africa,
* Madagascar...

With our plant knowledge in Europe, Middle East and Asia, we are pleased to offer our advices to our Customers
(Landscaper, Architect and Construction companies) for any new landscaping projects.

Hipone Thai Services:
We guarantee to our Customers that our plants before exporting process are healthy and in good condition.
We use to offer to our Customers a Complete Export Service:
* Calculation of loading capacity per order,
* Preparation of your plants for export process (cocopeat soil and phytsanistairy treatment),
* Cites & Phytosanitary certificates,
* Certificate of Origin,
* Loading process,
* Shipment reliability,
* Tracked goods,
* Logistic container with our Forwarder & Routing Transit…

Would You Like To Visit Us?
Customers are welcome to visit us. We can manage and organize you a nursery visiting.
Just call or email us a couple days before to set up a meeting in our nursery.

Hipone Thai Co Ltd.,  Don Chedi 72170, Suphan Buri Province, Thailand.
Mobile Thailand: +66 (0)8 507 43 415 E-mail: info@hiponethainursery.com

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